All the recall information you need in one place. Here you’ll find a range of answers to common recall questions and a form to contact us about recalls and what to do if you have had a recall notification.

Have you received a safety recall notification?

If you have received a letter advising there is an outstanding safety recall on your vehicle, we would suggest speaking with your local Mitsubishi dealer who will be happy to provide further details and arrange an appointment for this to be completed.

Is there a recall on my vehicle?

Complete the form and we’ll confirm whether your car has a recall as soon as we can.

Common questions about recalls

I have been contacted regarding a safety related recall but no longer own the vehicle. What should I do?

Please submit your details via our enquiry form requesting that we change the ownership of the vehicle. Please ensure that you include in the comments section your name, address and vehicle details (VIN number and registration number).

Please also ensure that you update your details with DVLA using the following link:

If you know the new owner of the vehicle, please notify them that you have received a recall notification and ask them to contact a Mitsubishi approved dealership as a matter of urgency.

I received a recall. Is my vehicle safe to drive?

Unless your recall notice advises otherwise, your vehicle is still driveable. Please, however, arrange an appointment for the recall to be completed at your nearest Mitsubishi approved dealership at the earliest possible opportunity.

Will you cover my costs to visit the dealership to have the recall completed (loss of use, fuel to visit dealership, loss of earnings etc.)?

Unfortunately, such costs are not covered.

Will I receive a courtesy vehicle whilst my vehicle has the recall completed?

Whilst every effort will be made by our approved dealer network to minimise inconvenience, we cannot guarantee that a courtesy vehicle will be provided on every occasion. If a courtesy vehicle is required you should request this at time of booking. Terms and conditions, such as insurance charges, will apply.

Will I be entitled to a collection/re-delivery service?

Whilst every effort will be made by our approved dealer network to minimise inconvenience we cannot guarantee that a collection/delivery service will be available. Any requirements should be discussed at time of booking.

I’ve had this part replaced previously – do I still need to have the recall done?

Yes. It is imperative that your vehicle is still checked by a Mitsubishi approved dealership.

My vehicle is currently off the road/not taxed/not insured – what should I do?

It is essential that your vehicle visits a Mitsubishi approved dealership at the earliest opportunity. For specific concerns or difficulties in doing this, please contact your nearest Mitsubishi approved dealership for advice.