Mirage Accessories

Explore the full range of Mirage accessories and personalize you car to suit your life. Purchase through any Mitsubishi dealership across the UK.

Popular Mirage Accessories

Classic Mat Set

Mat Set, Textile (Classic Grade)

Retail Price Inc. VAT: £27.99

Needle felt, classic grade textile mat set. Front and Rear set.

Spare Wheel

Spare Wheel and Tyre, Space Saver

Fitted Price Inc. VAT: £194.99
Retail Price Inc. VAT: £150.59

For peace of mind upgrade your Mirage with this space saver wheel and tyre package. Wheel can be stored under the boot floor. Tyre dimensions: T115/70D14 88M. Max. 80km/h, including jack, fixation clamp and tool bag

Entry Guards for Door

Door Entry Guards, Front and Rear Set

Fitted Price Inc. VAT: £114.99
Retail Price Inc. VAT: £86.19

Help protect your Mirage from unwanted damage with these stainless steel entry guards. With Mitsubishi Motors logo, Front and Rear Set.

Boot Mat

Boot Mat, Textile

Retail Price Inc. VAT: £20.99

Help protect the boot of of your Mirage with this plush boot mat.

Mudguard Rear

Mudguard Set, Rear

Fitted Price Inc. VAT: £42.99
Retail Price Inc. VAT: £21.39

Set of 2 rear Mudguards.

Wind Deflectors

Wind Deflectors Set, Side

Fitted Price Inc. VAT: £129.99
Retail Price Inc. VAT: £86.79

Prevent wind, rain and run-off water from entering the vehicle when driving with a partly open window. Deflectors offer greater protection and ventillation. Set of front and rear.

Roof Carrier

Roof Carrier

Fitted Price Inc. VAT: £270.99
Retail Price Inc. VAT: £242.19

Aluminium Roof Bars

Tailgate Garnish

Tailgate Garnish, Chrome

Fitted Price Inc. VAT: £32.99
Retail Price Inc. VAT: £18.59

Chrome effect garnish for bottom edge of tailgate.

Headlamp Garnish

Headlamp Garnish

Fitted Price Inc. VAT: £107.99
Retail Price Inc. VAT: £86.59


Rear Light Garnish

Rear Light Garnish

Fitted Price Inc. VAT: £91.99
Retail Price Inc. VAT: £77.59


Fitted prices are calculated using a standard hourly labour rate. Individual dealer labour rates may vary. Accessory images shown are for illustrative purposes only. All items available while stocks last.

Genuine accessories fitted by genuine experts

Our range of accessories are available to buy through any Mitsubishi dealer across the UK. Our expert technicians can fit accessories for you or you can take them away and fit yourself.

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Drive Now, Pay Later

Spread the cost of accessories or repairs

Whether you're facing unexpected repair costs or looking to purchase some new accessories, our Drive Now, Pay Later facility lets you spread the cost, completely interest-free.


Protect your Mirage from the elements


Our range of exterior protection accessories are there to protect your paintwork from stone chips and your boot from scratches when you’re loading and unloading. Or you can pick up a set of parking sensors so you never need to worry about parking again.

Mirage exterior rainy street
ASX exterior styling

Style up your Mirage


Give your Mirage a sportier look with our range of exterior styling accessories, from exhaust garnishes to side extension kits.

Protect the inside from the kids

Add a boot tray, door entry guards or a hard-wearing set of mats to protect against muddy bikes, wet dogs and careless children.


Mirage interior child cartwheel